Industrial Plastic Packaging Products
The quality of any industrial product, ranging from edible oil to cosmetics, is at least maintained if not enhanced by the packaging used for it. The packaging goes a long way in making the product look attractive, as well as user-friendly. Sun Petpack has over the years built a wide range of plastic packaging products for industrial customers across segments.

Our best-selling catalog of industrial packaging is available in various capacities of 50 ml to 25 litres, bespoke colours and shapes.

Processed Food Plastic Packaging Products
Processed Food has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives in India. The concept of processed food itself stems from providing convenience to consumers. Needless to say, packaging goes a long way in providing convenience for storage and use. It’s common to now see the processed food brands using a smart combination of refill packaging to complement their larger branded plastic containers.

Our wide product range supports small unit to bulk packaging, starting from 50 ml to 25 litres. Our consistent endeavor is to make available attractive and useful plastic packaging for processed foods.

Household Plastic Packaging Products
We have recently launched our range of household plastic packaging products including fridge bottles, storage containers, kitchen jars, small boxes, special purpose containers among others.
Ancillary Plastic Packaging Products

Plastic Container and Bottle Caps

Sun Petpack also does job work for companies who have their own plastic packaging manufacturing. The following designs are popular from our range of container and bottle caps.

Inner Lids

Sun Petpack supplies plastic lids for manufacturers of edible oil and lubricant oils.


Recycled Paper Pulp Egg Trays, Boxes and Shoe Inserts
The idea of recycling paper is not new! However, you would agree that the idea to recycle paper to replace materials that are causing more deforestation and pollution is a good one.

We are collecting, processing and converting waste paper and cardboard into pulp moulded packaging products. We have developed moulds to service packaging needs of industrial customers across sectors like poultry, manufacturers of shoes and electrical appliances. We also work with companies and brands across India and abroad to develop bespoke packaging solutions for them. Our dedicated fleet of service vehicles enable to provide cost-effective and efficient servicing. All these paper moulded packaging products are available in a wheat brown colour, but can be dyed to be consistent with your brand colours and positioning.

Egg Trays and Egg Boxes

Plastic trays have been in extensive use at poultry farms for packaging eggs. Our paper pulp moulded egg trays and egg boxes in several sizes are meant for safe keeping, easy transport and our environment friendly.

Shoe Tree Inserts or Shoe Blocks

Traditionally, manufacturers have used paper balls to protect the shape of a shoe. However, not only is it a clumsy and an unappealing solution, it does not serve its purpose of preventing the shoe from damage. Sun’s paper moulded shoe tree or shoe inserts are designed to maximise protection for both casual and formal shoes. One shoe tree or shoe insert is designed to service two shoe sizes at a time to save shoe manufacturers from maintaining a lot of packaging inventory and prevent wastage.

Electrical Appliances Packaging

Today most Indian manufacturers are using non-recyclable packaging and insulation for their electrical appliances and white goods. Not only are these packaging solutions expensive but also non bio-degradable. Sun has developed packaging designs for ceiling fans and other appliances using pulped waste paper. After processing and treating waste paper, our state-of-the-art facility converts it into branded and bespoke packaging solutions for your product.

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